Posted by: Arthur Blake | 2008-11-08

log4jdbc 1.2 alpha 1 released!

In this release, I’ve cleaned up the generated SQL a bit and added a bunch more options for controlling the SQL output. You can now turn on and off the type of SQL you want to log. For example, you might want to log only INSERT SQL statements and generate a SQL script from the logger output.

I also added an extra logger that shows whenever a new connection is opened, or a connection is closed. It also dumps all open connection numbers at each open and close event, so you can see how many connections your program uses as it progresses (great for detecting connections leaks!)

I reorganized the documentation to hopefully make things a little more clear, especially with the growing list of options.

The two most ofen requested features for log4jdbc are Maven support and DataSource support. I plan on getting these in before the 1.2 final is out. Please be patient!

For documentation and download, go to



  1. is there any kind of support forum for log4jdbc? i know it sounds stupid, but i am having some configuration issues (nothing being written to the logs..)

  2. Because log4jdbc is such a small tool, I haven’t felt it necessary (yet) to have a formal support forum. You can email me directly or post here for support issues. Did you carefully follow all the steps outlined in 1 through 6 in the usage at ?
    Can you get output in your logs by logging directly?

  3. of course. you are right, a support forum ist not needed. it worked once but then it stopped… mysteriously.

    its just that intellij overwrites the hibernate.hbm.xml and puts the “correct” driver in there..

    the instructions are sufficient.

    thanks a lot for this great and simple tool.

  4. Does log4jdbc support websphere oracle datasources (non-xa and xa)?

  5. log4jdbc does not yet have any kind of Datasource support although there are several workarounds… (see my notes under

    Datasource support is now the #1 frequently requested feature, and it will be my #1 priority when I have time to work on log4jdbc again. This is not likely to be any time soon, but if anyone wants to submit clean, complete, well documented and tested code (I know that’s asking a lot!) it could possibly speed up the process!

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