Posted by: Arthur Blake | 2009-08-03

Holy Cow Batman, SpiderMonkey is like a bat out of hell!

Should have done this a long time ago… Instead of running the Packer compressor in the CompressorRater with Java SE 6 Scripting (aka Rhino), I’m now using SpiderMonkey… the result is a 20X speed boost for Packer! Try it yourself!

There’s a great blog post from John Resig about TraceMonkey which boosts the potential performance of JavaScript to near-native speeds in SpiderMonkey. I’m excited about the potential of JavaScript as a really high performance language!

For today’s 1.0.7 release, I also put back online the YUI (now updated to 3.0.0beta1) & ExtJS libs, and re-generated all the test results for common JS libs with Packer running native Spidermonkey.


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