Arthur Blake is a software developer. He has been specializing in Java and Web Applications since the early days (1995.) He still spends most of his time hacking Java and JavaScript code as an independent consultant.



  1. Congratulation on your release!

  2. Arthur,
    We use Hibernate and plain JDBC, so this looks like a great tool to see all the SQL issued. I’ve tried it out in a stand-alone application and it works fine. Just what I want.

    But our application runs inside WebSphere application server. So the hibernate configuration is to a datasource. I can put the URL prefix into the datasource definition. But I don’t see a way to specify the DriverSpy JDBC driver class. the hibernate.connection.driver_class property is not used when working in-container. The Data Source configuration allows you to select/specify a Data Store Helper Class.

    Do you have any suggestions how to configure a Datasource to use Log4jdbc?


  3. Hey Arthur just wanted to stop by and let you know that your compressorator web app is AWESOME!!!

    Thanks so much, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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